Health Issues of men in their 40s

Kidney deficiency is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) terms and it means the body essential essence is low which can be common as one grows older. There are two types of Kidney deficiency, namely Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang kidney deficiency are mutually connected dependent although they have different symptoms.

However, today we are going to talk about kidney yang deficiency only. What are the common symptoms for men who have kidney yang deficiency?


  1. Cold hands & feet

手脚冰冷是男性肾阳虚其中的现象 - Khang Shen Herbs Malaysia

You get told a lot your hand is cold by people after a handshake with them. Your body, hands and feets are the most common parts have cold sensation regardless the weather and this is a major symptom that your kidney yang is deficient. This is because your body is lack of heat energy to warm it up, therefore your back, waist, knee and hands and feet will always have cold sensation from time to time. Drinking warm water can temporarily improve this condition.


  1. Frequent urination at night

For men who have kidney yang deficiency, frequent urination at night is a common thing. This does not only affect the sleeping quality of one but also greatly affect his health. This is another symptom of kidney yang deficiency.


  1. Constant exhaustion and weak body strength

头昏无力,失眠多梦是男性肾阳虚其中的现象 - Khang Shen Herbs Malaysia

In TCM view, kidney and liver are largely connected with other organs and they both served as the caretaker of the other organs. Therefore, when there is damages or dysfunction of other organs and did not take care of properly, will cause damage to the kidney and liver. Chronic disease such as chronic hepatitis, coronary heart disease, bronchial asthma and hypertension are some of the examples that come with the symptoms of kidney deficiency. In order to cure kidney yang deficiency, one has to take care of other damage organs first.


  1. Abnormal defecation

Your defecate will be dry and not smooth if you have kidney yang deficiency. Although it might cause by the digestive system, in TCM view, defecation and kidney’s function are interconnected. Besides, constipation can also be the symptom of kidney yang deficiency.


  1. Lack of sexual desire and loss of hair

性欲减退、开始掉头发是男性肾阳虚其中的现象 - Khang Shen Herbs Malaysia

According to TCM, the sexual desire will decrease once one has kidney deficiency. The high kidney deficiency in men may lead to the patient to suffer from the lack of nutrients. Kidney deficiency causes a great reduction in hair quality and hair loss. Hence, this is why men are more likely to suffer from baldness.


  1. Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

As a man gets older, impotence will more likely to happen. It can be a struggle and difficult for older men to maintain an erection. There are a few common erectile dysfunction possibilities that happen among men over age 45. Either the inability to obtain an erection, maintain the duration of erection or premature ejaculation, these are the usual symptoms caused by kidney deficiency.

In conclusion, as a man turns older, especially passing 40, is likely to have kidney yang deficiency if it is not taken care of properly. Besides, kidney deficiency will largely affect men in a lot of aspect in his life. Therefore, knowing the problem and look for a solution can not be delayed. In TCM, kidney yang deficiency is curable and it can be improved with the correct diets and lifestyle.

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